Our Families


Staying connected to family and friends is vital to a fulfilling life. The friendly, family atmosphere experienced by everyone who visits Tall Oaks is created by the residents, their families, and our dedicated team of professionals. We welcome and encourage family members of our residents to take an active part in life here.

Each month, a variety of special events and activities are held at our senior living community and are open to resident family members and friends. To see what is planned at Tall Oaks this month, check out our Happenings page.


Below are a few examples of what some family members have to say about Tall Oaks and the care their loved ones have received.

Tall Oaks is superb - I only wish my mother had moved there sooner!

Martin C.

My sister enjoyed the attentive staff and lovely surroundings of Tall Oaks.  She also enjoyed the meals and we were delighted to be invited for the wonderful brunches on so many holidays!

Marge R.

I tell everyone that Tall Oaks is a great place - it fills a need like nothing else.  I could not have made a better decision than Tall Oaks.  You are truly a lifesaver.  I want to give special thanks to the nurses and aides who continue to work with my husband.  You are truly remarkable people.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Florence R.

I want to thank you for the wonderful time my mom spent at Tall Oaks.  It is a loving, warm place and she was very, very happy there.  Having you all there certainly made the transition from her home to Assisted Living so much easier.

Lisa B.

Tall Oaks was a loving, healthy environment for my parents when they couldn't continue to live in their own place.  I have recommended it to several people.

Marty E.

I could not have made a better decision than Tall Oaks.  The dining staff was amazing, and although the Rose Garden Memory Care activities were more appropriate for other residents than they were for my mother, she was always included.

Bob B.

At Tall Oaks, there is always something going on, and the food service team was always very accommodating to Mom's needs.

Leslie W.

I want to thank you for the many years my mom was lucky enough to be cared for at Tall Oaks.

Robin M.

In January of this year, it was necessary for me to find a safe place for my mother to reside... Fortunately, I met the Director of Nursing at Tall Oaks, who took charge in arranging for my mother's transfer to Tall Oaks Assisted Living.  I have told many people that she was an 'angel that fell in my lap.'  I found her to be very personable, professional, and comforting.  In fact, all of the staff was very caring and comforting to my mother and me, and I wish to extend my gratitude to each of them.

Marsha R.

Since my mother has become a resident of Tall Oaks, the staff administering her care has been exceptional.  All have extended compassion, been responsive, and attentive to her needs.  I feel confident and am pleased to have my mother as a resident at Tall Oaks.

Ann G.

Mom came to feel right at home with the friendly staff.  My only suggestion is to keep up the good work!  I'm so happy I found Tall Oaks.

Lynn C.

I can't recommend Tall Oaks highly enough.  The small size of the community and the warmth of the staff make it a wonderful place to be.

M. K.

Tall Oaks always gave pleasing appearance.  And those in management positions were always responsive to any issues we had.

Graceanne B.

Tall Oaks provided my mother with a caring, nurturing staff in a lovely setting.  Many nutritious foods were offered daily and with a varied menu – and the food at special events was excellent!  I would strongly recommend Tall Oaks.  It is an attractive community with a staff that is attentive to the needs of residents and their families.  Thank you for all of your help and support over the years!

Mona B.

Tall Oaks helped us during a difficult period between independent living and nursing.  Everyone was most helpful in a difficult time.  The dining is first class and the staff is very patient.  I think Tall Oaks has a good balance of services, concern and professionalism in a nice facility.

Family Member of Tall Oaks resident

...the staff at Tall Oaks made Mom feel as if she was part of a big family, but more importantly, I always felt that she was in great hands.  It was clear from her first day there that she was not only well cared for, but also well loved.

Nancy C.Daughter of long time Tall Oaks resident

If I could, I’d have all my meals at Tall Oaks.  Mom’s diet was adjusted according to her needs and ability to eat.  Holiday events for residents and family were especially impressive, with great food and very friendly service.

Dan D.Son of a longtime Tall Oaks resident